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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The King is dead; long live the Queen

No need to call on this bloke

FROM the outset, I would like to make it clear, Stephen King is not dead. False rumors can sprint across cyberspace and I do not want to start one.
Mr. King, in fact, is about to become executive producer of a television series based on his crime thriller, Mr. Mercedes. You need a modicum of life to do that. 
Mr. King’s demise is in a metaphorical sense, though even that is exaggerated. I thought it would be fun if Bent Banana Books author Jane Sharp challenged Stephen King for his pre-eminent position as an author in the Suspense/ Psychics category. The new Queen of Psychic Mysteries usurps the King.

I am confident people will enjoy Jane’s book Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations so I am happy to be creative in encouraging people to buy it.

Well, the idea of supporting the Gran who would be King against the clock has taken off among people from around the world. Jane's book is at the reduced price of $2.99 for only one more day.

Jane’s book Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations has been in and out of the Kindle Top 100 Suspense/ Psychics for weeks.

By yesterday, it had slipped well out of the Top 100 Suspense/ Psychics  and was ranked overall in the 300, 000s.

It is now #57000 overall and #59 in Top 100. For another 27 hours Jane’s book has its best chance of moving merrily up the ranks as it will be at its special price of $2.99, reduced from $6.99.

27 hours gives us little time for positive word of mouth to kick in so we need to preach of the challenge. Maybe we could hire the preacher bloke in this film.
We are aiming for Top 10 Suspense/ Psychics. I will let you know how we go. You can follow Jane’s fortune’s HERE

And Mr. King, we know we can never be royals.

For our song, I replay one of my and Mr King's fave bands. Apparently some hard-core fans of the band did not like this song one little bit. I guess they missed the joke.

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