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Saturday, 7 February 2015

5 steps on Jane’s Quest for the Holy Bookmark

Everyone loves Jane's book 
Vision: Complete Jane Sharp Psychic Investigations
but they do not all know it yet

JANE Sharp’s epic quest to climb Literary Olympus where Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Heather Graham live, is in Day 2. Or it could be Day 3 in other parts of the world. These Herculean tales are the stuff of legend and hence are not always precise.
Follow Jane’s journey HERE 
If you are new to The Tale of Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations , you can catch up by reading my introductory blog.
Otherwise I have a bit of a story board here.
1.       The Hero
Jane Sharp is the Gran who would be King. The Muses have helped Jane write The Tale of Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations. HERE  
(Jane is still a young woman so she is probably mad at me for referring to her as Gran but of course I must have my fun with a weird Kipling analogy.)

2.      The Quest
It started off as Jane's Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations going as high as possible in the Kindle Top 100 for Psychic Suspense. But that’s a bit nebulous, like comparing the search for the Holy Grail to looking for an old cup at a garage sale. 
       Jane’s Quest is for the Holy Bookmark, Top 10 in PsychicsFollow Jane’s journey HERE 

3.       The conflict
Jane Sharp armed only with the Magic Bent Banana Versus the Giant Penguin

Jane, armed only with a bent banana,  must overcome the Big 5 Giants in the Land of Publishing to reach the Holy Bookmark.

4.    The Mentor 
You, o wise reader, are Jane’s Mentor, offering advice on how to climb higher and predictions of what glory Jane can attain.

5.     The Moral 
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Jane’s Quest has to finish on February 15 when her book Vision: Complete Jane Sharp Psychic Investigations goes off special We will consider The Moral then.

        The beginning
Jane’s first eBook of the series which became the full book is called Vision the Reluctant Psychic.
       It is on a Kindle Countdown Deal at .99c/.99p until Friday, (February 13, U.S. time) for Amazon subscribers in the U.S. and UK. (No, I don't know either why Amazon has not extended the Kindle Countdown Deal to other countries.)
       Our Plan is for people to be enraptured by the first five stories and buy the full 20 at the discount price of $2.99.
       It is not the best Plan in the world and probably does not warrant a Capital O and bold font) But the Holy Bookmark Questies (That's Jane, her allies and Mentor) have help from Heaven. That is Booklover'sHeaven which is promoting Vision the Reluctant Psychic at its discounted price. 

        The Magic Number
We are giving away an eBook to each of the three readers who guess closest to the highest position Jane will reach before the end of the day, February 15.
       Yesterday we bombed out of the Top 100 totally and Jane’s highest position so far is 50. You can guess that if you like. But we are BAAAACK and you can accompany us on our quest and aim for the sky.
        Add your guess as a comment. Follow Jane’s journey HERE 

We need more epic music for our Quest

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