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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Quest for the Holy Bookmark: Day 3

JANE Sharp’s epic quest to climb Literary Olympus, where Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Heather Graham live, is in Day 3
The Muses held Jane’s quivering hand as she wrote with a quiver the Sacred Script Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations.
But the people of Kindle Kingdom have failed to fall in love with Vision Complete as the Muses predicted they would.
On Day 3 Jane looks squarely at the camera and admits the Forces of Weevil look impossible to defeat. Follow Jane’s journey HERE

On Day 3, Jane’s name had been scratched from the Sacred List of Kindle Kingdom Top 100 in Psychics Suspense.
Our Hero Jane, is on the Quest for the Holy Bookmark, Top 10 in Psychics.

The gremlin Grouchy has given Jane the Magic Bent Banana to protect her against the Big 5 in the Land of Publishing. The banana has proven no match for the arsenal of the Big 5 which includes the Huge Hachette (note: check spelling)
Jane has been exiled to Lowrankland where she is trying to organize a select group of warriors for another assault on Kindle Kingdom Top 100.

Follow Jane’s journey HERE

On the island of Lowrankland Jane discovers an ancient tome Vision: the Reluctant Psychic, written by her ancestor.
Jane places the book in a large sealed bottle which she puts to sea and pushes towards Kindle Kingdom.
Jane’s plan is for people of Kindle Kingdom to fall in love with Vision the Reluctant Psychic and in gratitude present Jane with the Holy Bookmark in exchange for her new Sacred Script Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations.
Vision the Reluctant Psychic is on a Kindle Countdown Deal at .99c/.99p until Friday, (February 13, U.S. time) for Amazon subscribers in the U.S. and UK. BUY  
Also on Lowrankland, Jane discovers, You, O Wise Reader, and you volunteer to be Jane’s Mentor, offering advice on how to climb higher and predictions of what glory Jane can attain.
We are giving away an eBook to each of the three readers who guess closest to the highest position Jane will reach before the end of the day February 15.
As we have bombed out of the Top 100, Jane’s highest position so far is 50. You can guess that if you like. Or you can accompany us on our quest and aim for the sky.
Add your guess as a comment.

Follow Jane’s journey HERE 

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