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Bernie pic

Thursday, 5 February 2015

In the company of Kings, Koontzes and Grahams

Best Sellers in Psychic Suspense Top 100 Paid  

A HUMBLE Australian grandmother from the working-class  suburb of Strathpine is mixing it with the giants of popular literature.
Jane Sharp’s Vision: Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations is published by Bent Banana Books. As many of you know BBB is me, Bernie. Or should that be I, Bernie? Never mind. This is not about me. Or I. This is about Main Jane.
Vision, containing all 20 Trudy Harper mysteries is in Amazon Kindle Top 100 in Psychics and Top 100 in Ghosts.
Jane’s tales are competing well with the books of Dean Koontz, Heather Graham and Stephen King.

The Gran who would be King
Anyone who has read Vision knows Jane has a sly wit. Like millions of others around the world she is a Stephen King fan.
Putting these two traits together, Jane posted on a King fan page.
Jane wrote, “My book is only 58 places behind Dr. Sleep on Amazon's Best Sellers Psychic Suspense list. (Now 45 places behind Mr. King’s book. Or it was a few hours ago: Bernie) Maybe one day . . ."
                 How low can Jane Go?
Since I started this post a few hours ago (I had to go to work before finishing) Jane has slipped from the charts in Ghost but is hanging in for Psychics.

For a week starting this Friday (US time), the eBook containing the first five Trudy Harper investigations goes on sale for $0.99c. Here is the link for Vision: the Reluctant Psychic

We are hoping people who enjoy the first five yarns will buy the 20 for $2.99.
IF you want to play a fun game, guess how low Jane can go in the Psychics Top 100 before February 16. Remember Jane has already been at 50, so you can guess that if you like.
If you want to go lower send a copy of this blog to your network and ask them to buy a copy.
We will send a copy of the eBook Vision Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations to the three closes guesses. If you have already bought a copy we will email one to a friend.
Just place your guess as a comment below. Please check in after Feb 16 to see if you have won. Ash for email alerts to read updates here. 
You can follow Jane’s fortunes here

We need a big musical number to reflect Jane’s soaring up the charts.

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