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Bernie pic

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Another dog poem from Long John Best

8 Days a Week
Day 7 bush poem 7:

Long John Best has that rare gift of being able to create a poem which is both sad and uplifting.
Here is one:

Long John Best:
Inspired by a piece called A Dog’s Purpose. Anonymous.

The Vet

Ron and Lisa’s dog was Bluey, part Blue Heeler, nearly ten,
Real good mate, more like a brother, to their six-year-old son, Ben.
I’m their vet, I’ve known the family, I dunno, for quite a while,
Watching boy and dog grow closer, one of Life’s joys, makes me smile.
Only school days find them parted, faithful friend waits by the gates.
But Life’s unfair, cruel. Cancer comes, claws deep and devastates,
And it’s now my task to tell them, all their prayers have been in vain,
Euthanasia, only option, to relieve poor Bluey’s pain.

Ben had asked if he could be there, which I thought strange for a kid,
But Ron and Lisa had agreed, and I’m so glad that they did.
For not before or ever since, have I witnessed such a scene,
At the passing of a loved one, sort of spiritual, I mean.
He seemed so calm when patting Blue, who looked up and licked Ben’s tears,
Respect and love and dignity, shown way, far beyond the years
Of their short lives spent together. Then we sat and wondered why,
Bad humans live a long, long time, and good dogs too soon must die.

Then Ben spoke, “I know the answer.” He is six, what would he say?
He gave us words of wisdom, that I dwell on to this day.
“Most people have to learn to live a good life, to love, be kind,
To be nice to one another, and I think that you will find,
That this really is the reason, but I’m six I could be wrong.
See dogs already know that stuff, so don’t have to stay as long.” 

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The Drover’s Dog is a mid-1980s parody by Redgum, a folk/bush band. Former trade union boss Bob Hawke deposed Opposition Leader Bill Haydn just before the 1983 election which Hawke won. A somewhat bitter Hayden said a drover’s dog could have won that election against Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

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