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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Bush Poem Day 6

Day 6 bush poem 6:

Here is another rofl-job with a Long John Best original from his collection, Tall Tales.

Henry’s Passing

There’s a look you get when dying, startled headlights on a deer,
And that’s the look old Henry had. Oh, he knew the end was near.
Family gathered round his bedside, vultures waiting for the end,
Only Naïve Nev his night nurse, Henry figured, was his friend.
Henry’s hour was fast approaching, time to leave this mortal coil,
With the wisdom born of Rhinehart, he would allocate the spoil.

“Wife, I leave to you all Pitt Street, Eldest Son, you get The Cross;
Michael, Mossman, most of Manly, toss in Bondi; that’s no loss.
Sisters, Sophie and Sofia, divvy up the CBD.
My Mercedes goes to Neville, for the kindness he’s shown me.”
Barely had these words been spoken, when his eyes closed with a sigh,
For all ties to Earth now broken, Henry’s time had come to die.

Well Nurse Neville was astounded, at what he had seen and heard.
That one man in just one lifetime, could acquire so much.
“My word,” He said, “This man, your Husband, Father, of him you must be proud,
So much property he leaves you.” Wife said, “For crying out aloud,
He was useless and a skinflint, for us didn’t give two hoots,
All’s left’s a clapped-out car, no money, and his bloody paper routes!”

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Love that bit about “Sisters, Sophie and Sofia”. If the sisters Sophie and Sofia, were teenagers in the 1960s, they might have been taking in the Kroo Brothers at their local Australian milk bar. They do not look much like brothers, maybe because they are not. A milk bar was an Australian cafe where milkshakes were a favorite of the teenage clientele. And yea the Kroo Bros did perform at milk bars.

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