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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Bush Poem Day 2

Day  2 bush poem 2:

I AM YET TO FIND ANYONE who does not love this week’s original bush poem by Long John Best from his anthology, Tall Tales available in paperback and eBook. To me the poem is about loss, loyalty, and doing the right thing. You might see something else in it.

Long John Best :
An old letter written to a Publican and his response. I now know him to be Paul Nielsen, mine host at The Tatts Hotel in Winton., Queensland.

Hotel Letter

Dear Sir,
We wish to stop at your hotel, we will book in for a week,
If you can only grant me, the permission that I seek

To allow my dog to stay with me, each evening, in my room.
Though I realise I’m biased, he is well behaved and groomed.
He’s the only family I have left, we’re sad if we’re alone.
We have planned to leave the thirteenth, can you let me know by phone?

He rang back, and said,
 “Mate, I’ve run pubs for many years, and I cannot recall
One dog stealing sheets or towels or pictures off the wall.
And I’ve never had to bounce one in the middle of the night,
For being drunk, disorderly and bunging on a fight.
And mate, no dog ever bolted with his hotel bill still due,
So if your furry friend’ll vouch for you, why you’ll be welcome too.”

YOU CAN ORDER TALL TALES from your physical bookstore (author Long John Best, publisher Bent Banana Books) or in paperback or eBook from online-retailers including   (paperback and Kindle) (Barnes&Noble paperback)

Proceeds to animal welfare, RSPCA QLD

On the subject of letters, I do love 2-minute rock songs, and this is one of my all-time favorites:
 (Check out the keyboardist making fun of the miming at 1:30. Check out the Joe Cocker version, too, which should follow this one on YouTube).

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