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Monday, 9 February 2015

Quest for the Holy Bookmark Day 4: Message in a Big Bottle

HERO of the written word, Jane Sharp, the Gran who would be King, is banished to the Island of Lowrankland.

The story so far
Jane tried to convince the literate people of Kindle Kingdom to scorn the hegemony of the Big 5 Giants of the Land of Publishing.
Jane Sharp’s epic Quest for the Holy Bookmark is to climb to the top of Popular Literary Olympus where Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Heather Graham live. Follow Jane’s journey HERE
The Muse Urania appears to Jane on the Island of Lowrankland. She hands Jane a compass.
Urania tells OUR HERO to put 5 of her psychic parables in a Sacred Text called Vision the Reluctant Psychic
“Put the manuscript in a Big Bottle and push it towards the Land of Americus,” the Muse says. “I will do the rest by the power of the stars.”
This was on Day 3 of the Quest.
Now read on . . .

Kindle royal of the Land of Americus Count Down Deal found the Big Bottle washed onto the shore. When Count Deal opened the bottle, the God Digitalis whispered in his ear, “If you sell this manuscript Vision the Reluctant Psychic for 99 grains of salt, I will make you another one.
“If you sell that one at 99 grains of salt, I will make a replacement.”
The shrewd Count Down Deal saw an opportunity. “For how long will you do this?” he asked.
“Forever,” Digitalis replied. “Or until February 13. Whichever comes first.”
This event which the Heralds would sing  of down the ages occurred on Day 4 of the Quest for the Holy Bookmark, Kindle Top 100 in Suspense/ Psychics.
The night of Day 4, the Muse Urania appeared again before Jane and bade her to float another Big Bottle towards the Land of Britannia. Follow Jane’s journey HERE
A different Count Down Deal found the new Big Bottle. (Down Deal was a common combination of male names in Kindle Kingdom, like John Smith in later times.)
The God Digitalis appeared to this Count, too, and offered a similar proposition although 99 grains of salt had a different mass in Britannia and Americus.
“For how long will you do this?” the Count asked.
“Forever,” Digitalis replied. “Or until February 15. Whichever comes first.”
And so the people of Americus and Britannia are reading the first 5 of Jane’s parables for 99 grains of salt. Jane hopes many will go on to buy the full 20 tales for 299 grains of salt, that is, 299 grains in the standard mass of Americus.
Follow Jane’s journey HERE
Was this the start of the fulfilment of Urania’s promise to make Jane a star? Urania could certainly do this as she was the Muse of Astronomy. But would she? Could a Muse be duplicitous? Was Urania afraid of the ire of the Big 5 Giants of the Land of Publishing who could refuse to sing stories of Uranian glory? Urania knew that agents of the Big 5 Giants of the Land of Publishing had coined jests about her great-grandfather, Uranus.
Surely I can trust Urania, she is my Muse, Jane thought.
Surely “the Big 5 Giants” is a redundancy, she also thought.  “Should I tell my Boswell, Bernie, about his redundancy?” Jane asked herself.
Surely Johnson’s biographer is an anachronism, she thought.
Does anyone know where we are in the plot, I’m lost? Jane also thought.
To find the answers to these riddles or, more likely, sink into the mire of more conundra, read the next breath-taking instalment of Quest for the Holy Bookmark.

Our song
“Here Comes The Sun was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be businessmen: 'Sign this' and 'Sign that'.” – George Harrison.

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