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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Phones on the tenth day of Christmas

WHY do they call it them cell phones when prisoners are not allowed to have them?
And with that rather cute joke, I wish to inform you on the tenth day of Christmas My Truelove sent to me a cell phone,

I HAVE only sporadically owned cell phones which I usually leave in a drawer somewhere until the Sim card runs out.
       As a veteran journalist I have never urgently needed a cell and, fingers crossed, as a daily motorist I have never been stranded and cursing for not having one.
       I know there are people reading this in horror, shivering at the thought of surviving, one day, one hour, one minute without a cell.
Vaughn is phoneless

I WISH I could offer the explanation of actor Shailene Woodley for not having a cell that it erodes personal interaction.
       But I am more in tune with actor Vince Vaughn who says a cell makes him more contactable and he values his privacy.
       Billionaire Warren Buffett only uses a rudimentary cell so a smart phone cannot be that essential for business people.
       When My Truelove sends me a cell, I wonder what live expectancy it has. I do like reading about cell phones without the hassles of owning one. And I like the idea of smart phones though I wish 100 people would refrain from raising them in the air at the same time at a wedding. It looks weird, you know, but I am not going to carry on about it. Weird, it looks weird, but no more on the subject.

AMAZON has so many new and used smart phones, with and without contracts, that it would make your head spin. I can imagine a smart-phone tragic spending a weekend pondering the photos, specs and reviews.

This Samsung has more than 300 reviews and is $100 off

AMAZON also has $100 off the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro DUOS S7262. It is in stock on December 16 and you can order now at $89.99 USD.

WE could move severely upmarket to the Gold
Apple iPhone 6S. As Amazon has shaved hundreds of dollars off the price, it comes in well less than an ounce of gold but still at $822 not within a lot of people’s price range.

THE less expensive iP6 (I made up that contraction in case it is incorrect) is more than $100 cheaper

ONLY a couple are left in stock of the Apple iPhone 6 at $679. I have no idea what happens when they run out of stock.

THE Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android Phones is reduced by $120. I presume when you look at the time on a Smart Watch, it says: “Don’t you even think about going to the pub after work. You and your partner are going to the theatre tonight and you better arrive home sober.”

I AM a big fan of inverse snobbery so I applaud you if you refuse to buy a big-brand smart phone.
       Below are a couple of phones one with lots of positive reviews and one unreviewed.
Blu Energy X Plus has more than 330 reviews

THE Indigi 7" Android 4.4 Mega 3G has no reviews and sells for $99.19. Amazon has only 20 left in stock so someone’s buying them, why don’t they write a review. This one ships to Australia.


A LOT of these smart-phone specials are not shipped into Australia so we miss out but at least we can investigate on Amazon and check prices or shipping elsewhere. Amazon are also helpful with alternatives for instance for the Sony Smart Watch Amazon advises: “This item does not ship to Lawnton, Australia. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. Ships from and sold by CalvinNHobbs. Who is Calvin N. Hobbs? Merry Christmas Calvin N Hobbs, whoever you are.

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