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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

On the fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas My Truelove sent to me

Twitter Marketing Software which works

AS a publisher and author, I have tried all sorts of promotions on social media and websites.
       As long as it was relatively cheap I gave it a go.
       I read a confession on  a site selling blog tours and that caused me to cut right back on my advertising and promotional.
       You can see I am starting this post with one of those personal stories so beloved by persistent internet marketers. My story is worth it because it will save you a lot of money, maybe make some and definitely increase your Twitter traffic at a relatively low cost.

SO this author was a partner in an internet blog-tour business. You see authors disappointed by sales sometimes turn to one of the cottage industries associated with publishing: editing, design, marketing, formatting. Of those four formatting is the safest for an author to buy as the other four usually require professional training and an uncommon skill set.
       I was pondering purchasing a blog-tour marketing though at $1000 it was pricey. The author then wrote she had spent $20,000 promoting her own books with almost zero return. She tried to put a positive spin on the story but all I took home was she had blown 20 grand and I did not want to invest my one grand in a marketing business she was involved in.
       I doubted her system worked but this one does.

LIKE a lot of other people, I bought internet marketing software called Tweet Adder and it worked a treat. It sent out automatic tweets every 20 minutes or some such time as you chose. But the evil spammers got to TweetAdder sending out tweets every second and Twitter shut the software down.  Death and taxes are the only guarantees but I don’t think Twitter will shut down Tweetboss.
       Twitter can also shut you or I down and the way to avoid that is to understand what Twitter is all about.
       It wants you and I talking to each other not just sending links. When you are automatic tweeting some of your tweets should have no link. Also auto tweets are no substitute for remaining active on Twitter.

YOU need to do a few simple things before you investigate 

       I will explain it here but the easiest way to learn is by going to Gary Taafe’s website
        There you will be able to buy Gary’s book Stampede which take you through the process step by step. If you join Gary’s newsletter he will give you Stampede for free. Otherwise it is a few bucks. (In case you are wondering I get no commission on any visits to Gary’s website or sales once there. I am just explaining an inexpensive marketing system which works.)
       Basically what you are doing is creating tweets one line at a time and leaving room for three hashtags/
       The website you want to help you create the best tags is 

       You save your Word File as a txt file and it will be transferred to the Notebook program.
       Once you create your tags and have your txt go to Gary’s website 

to buy the tweet generator. You only want the three-month version for under $5
        You should now have hundreds or thousands of randomised tweets in your text file (There are quite a few reliable tweet randomizers for free on the internet).
Now you just buy

      You can use other parts of the Tweetboss software as well but I think automatic tweeting is the winner.
       Oh and don’t touch the DM capability. A lot of people just don’t like direct messages.
And do communicate with the tweeters who have followed you because of the automatic Tweets. You do this through your Notifications page on Twitter. Do put your message before @soandso not after.
       If you have any questions or comments post below and I will answer them.

       I am so glad My Truelove sent me Tweetboss.

NOW HERE is our song:

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