Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fashion for the 12th day of Christmas

ON the 12th day of Christmas, My Truelove sent to me a nice shirt.

IT’S funny certain items of fashion are more likely to garner reviews than others. I have a theory that is probably wrong as I just cobbled it together. 
 My theory is that the farther a fashion item is from what were coyly called the nether regions the more likely it is to attract reviews. 
       It is not much of a theory I know but it would be interesting if it were true.

       This Woolrich men's wool shirt comes in black or nocturnal.  I think nocturnal is a color like my nether regions theory. Some fashionista just made it up on the spot. 

THE price of the shirt is $119 which shows My Truelove adores me. I have no idea why they chopped off the top of the model's head. Seems a bit of extreme criticism.



This T Tahari  long maxi down coat with fur-trim hood is reduced by $200

THIS coat has no reviews on Amazon. I reckon it looks mighty fine and that should count as its first review.


I AM sure this tank would have more reviews if it was not encroaching on the nether regions. That head lopper is in action again, too.


THE price drop here is phenomenal as it is reduced by $635. Headless man is optional.

       It comes in French blue, charcoal (which I like best) and gray


How cool is this boot? It is made of waterproof leather and is priced from $142 46 to $214.56. Wouldn’t My Truelove look smashing in these! I must suggest she buy herself a pair.


Lacoste Men's Sevrin 10 Fashion Sneaker has three customer reviews

Only three reviews kinda blows my theory so we won’t dwell on that.
       That little Lacoste crocodile really gets about.
      The shoes come in dark brown, navy, black and my fave burgundy. They are priced at $71.38 - $120.


I BET you did not know I was such a dedicated follower of fashion. I am and they wrote A SONG about me. I love the opening reference to The Scarlet Pimpernel.

And I can’t resist adding another Ray Davies classic.

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