Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Monday, 14 December 2015

Pet mat on the 11th day of Christmas

ON the 11th day of Christmas, My Truelove sent to me a pet mat.

I know what you’re thinking: I need a pet mat because I am always in the dog house. Well I am not. Not always.

THIS DakPets product is up to $50 off, ships overseas and can arrive before Christmas.


VIVA Green Odor and Stain Eliminator has gift wrap available but does not ship to Australia through Amazon.

The IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop has more than 3000 reviews

THE IRIS cat-litter box comes in various colours and is priced from $6.79 to $26.91.


This Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys, Pack of 2 toys has more than 260 reviews.

THESE chew toys are from $3.14 USD a pair. They ship to Australia for additional charges. 


THE Orthopedic GEL Memory washable foam dog bed is $164 off and ships to Australia.

THE KONG Squeezz Ball is reduced by more than 80 per cent. It ships to Australia.


Our song
“You can tell all my pets…” This song is so wrong today it’s almost all right, if you know what I mean.
       In the original 1935 version popularized by Fats Waller the pets were “Harlem coquettes”. Some White Dudes thought they better not stick with Harlem coquettes and they changed it to blondes and brunettes. Dick Powell sang both versions. Dubious lyrics but great music.
       The song was in some ways a response to a perverse Cole Porter song which is also here.

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  1. Love for pets never die and transforming the memories spent together after they are gone into a custom stuffed animals is a wonderful chance to experience their presence after they are gone forever.