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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Give your buddy an eBook

eBOOKS make perfect presents.
Every year people buy Christmas presents of eReaders or tablets. The giver can load up the tablet or reader with eBooks to give the receiver an extra surprise.

YOU can buy most Bent Banana eBooks from the website to give authors the opportunity of maximum royalties.
Life is looking good for police detective Trudy Harper. Not far from turning 30, Trudy has put behind her the deaths of her parents and a dead-end 6-year relationship. She has an exciting opportunity being selected for the new Major Crime Squad.But when Trudy begins to see spirits . . .

IT is most important this popular author maximizes his royalties.

Leaping off the shoulders of Joseph Heller's Catch-22, Iraqi Icicle is a wild and hilarious ride through the dark and murky worlds of gambling, drugs, politics and rock ’n’ roll.

WHEN you buy an eBook you can have it emailed to a friend or relative’s email address so they receive it on a day of your choosing.

 Christina Debi's debut novel, in the style of Liane Moriarty, is an amusing and intelligent look at the modern woman to reveal the essential humanity in us all.

YOU can support authors writing on topics the mainstream publishers refuse to take a chance on.
If you work in the public service, defiantly display Michael, we really have to talk . . . on your desk.’

YOU can read short stories by new writers from around the world.
 'Inspired by ...' is another eclectic collection from the Writers' Anthology Group. It is wonderful to see new authors joining the group, especially some talented budding authors from local high schools.
 - customer review

YOU can read books full of amusing anecdotes and comic invention.
 A comic cosmic journey from the edge of the city into the heartland of the metropolis passing through the mullet festival, the school fete and the rural show.'

YOU can read short books.

YOU can read books of short stories
Serendipity is a collection of contemporary urban short stories and poetry from the Writers Anthology Group of authors from Moreton Bay Region of Australia. Each short story is illustrated by photographers and other visual artists.

A good short touches the reader’s soul and lingers in memory. Sweet and Sour is a collection of contemporary urban short stories

The stories in Alpha and Omega range in style from humor to suspense, drama, mystery, thrillers and mementos.

This anthology follows on from the critically acclaimed debut volume The Writing on the Wall.Writers from the Moreton Bay Region of Australia present 24 short stories, each one illustrated by an accomplished artist. Can you believe it . . . adds a smattering of poetry, ranging from the comic through parodies to the lyrical.

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