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Bernie pic

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Shocking Truth about the 1990s or How I Learned to Straighten my Hair and Love my Naughty Side

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My latest ebook is out just in time for Australia Day. Forgive me if I speak about myself in the third person. I think it might add a bit of gravitas. Read on to decide if it works.

IT is the 1990s and the International Good Guys make their mark early in the decade  with a war against Iraq in January 1991.
Urban amateur detective Steele Hill opens his account of the Naughty Nineties on New Year’s Day, 1991.
Author Bernie Dowling’s new release for Kindle contains seven unique tales featuring that accidental sleuth, Steele Hill, introduced in the novel Iraqi Icicle.
Murder magnet Steele Hill survives the 1980s with blunt prospects but against all odds still alive.
Attached by fingertips to the relationship with the beautiful intelligent Natalie Applebee, Steele remains in earnest pursuit of the higher things in life- rock music and gambling on racehorses.
Minor inconveniences such as murder, crazy friends and world adventures add spice to these clever tales of politics, race relations, crime and striving for a good time.
Comedy and suspense mark these stories of a decade which spawned film maker Quentin Tarantino and prole comedian Eric Bana.
Somehow Zen intrudes and Steele is forced into the role of unlikely insurgent rising against the injustice.

‘Readers will appreciate the author's ability to render colorful characters and understated witty prose.’
Publisher’s Weekly  review of the novel Iraqi Icicle.

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