Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mail Chimp makes a monkey of me

Monkey Trial

AM I the only having trouble with the email newsletter service Mail Chimp or is it Maul Chump?
There are probably trained monkeys out there tight now using Mail Chimp to send news to their simian network. To them I apologise.

I am not overly worried about my problems with Mail Chimp.
I find if I persevere, a eureka moment wins the day.
In the mean time if you could copy the below (starting with Our anthologies) and email through your network, it would be most appreciated. Thanks for your assistance.

Our anthologies Serendipity and Sweet and Sour are now available world-wide as Kindle eBooks as is the latest eBook from Strathpine writer Jane Sharp.
Please Forward this email to your network as January is the month when readers want new ebooks. As always reviews through Amazon are most helpful. You can also send reviews to me for my blog/ website through


Serendipity at Amazon

Vision III at Amazon

Sweet and Sour at Amazon

Here is our song

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