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Bernie pic

Thursday, 23 January 2014

How Safe is the Right-Wing Woman from Punk-feminist Liberals?

It is a funny ol’ world, the tweetsphere.
I just received a mention on Twitter from Right Wing Women. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but…

I CANNOT find myself quoted anywhere in their Daily Quotes which is a relief.
     Maybe RWW are just helping me promote my latest eBook.  It has a picture of a punk feminist on the cover, so they are not judging it by that.
Available HERE

I WOULD like to return the favor by offering some quotes from Naughty Nineties for their next edition of Daily Quotes. I am also putting together a theme song for Right Wing Women. More on that later.

Quotes from Naughty Nineties
'The ball was sliding down the pole like a fireman on a mission to save New York and, by extension, the free world.
'You have the sensitivity of a dried pea.
'The entrance exam for a career of crime has a zero failure rate.
 'That is just a cover for their having carelessly lost an Empire in the space of about 50 years. An irreverent rock band touchingly called Queen is doing all the anthems now.
  'George asks his best mate. You know how it goes: take my wife. His best mate does.
 'Nothing’s fucking legal anymore.
 'They lived by the sea and loved The Cruel Sea, but they showed no affinity for water that did not come from a tap or bottle.
Naughty Nineties Available HERE

Back to my anthem for Right Wing Women.
I have only mucked about with the chorus so far. It goes something like this.

Ayn Rand
Give her a hand
Ayn Rand
Hope you understand
Ayn Rand

I think the money lyric is “give her a hand”; don’t you?

While we are on the subject of promotion, could you give me a hand?
This blog receives a respectable number of hits when I am in productive mode. Thank you all for that.
But I have few followers and receive few comments. One woman –  unsure whether she was right wing – emailed me to say she had trouble commenting.
I put these deficiencies down to a conspiracy by Right Wing Men to prevent my words of freedom  echoing around the world. As evidence I cite that you don’t see Right Wing Men mentioning me in their tweets.
Here is how you can help thwart the dastardly conspiracy.
At the top tight of my blog, in the house-keeping section you should be able to post this blog to your Twitter and Facebook followers. Please try it and make a comment (bottom of the blog) if it works or not.
Come on sista; come on bro’, together we shall overcome…
…Which reminds me of a song.

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