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Friday, 28 December 2012

Start your own anthology for your community of writers

Available HERE

AUSTRALIAN author Frank Hardy was lampooned as a bit of hick when he said he thought there was no such thing as international literature, just a series of national literature.
He might have gone further and got himself into worse trouble by saying there was only a series of local literature.
Why not organize your own local writers' anthology?
This is how we have done it for the past three years .

    1. We had a volunteer editorial committee of 5-6 people. Two to three editors read each submitted story, first from a print copy, then from email versions as changes were made.
2 2.   We promoted the upcoming anthology through local libraries and writers groups.
Available HERE
3  3. We had an illustrations editor who approached local artists (This was a lot of work and is not necessary for your anthology, but it certainly adds value.)
4 4.    Our local arts umbrella group Arts Alliance PineRivers became co-publisher.
5 5.  We had a business sponsor to keep costs down.
6 6.    We printed through a local short-run book specialist. You could use Create Space or Lightning Source.
7 7.    We asked authors to pre-order copies so organisers did not have to dip into their own pockets and hope for re-imbursement. This year we are calling for payment with initial submissions for one copy and a small charge for membership of our group. Later we will call for pre-orders of more copies.
8 Available HERE
8  8.We organised a launch and presentation of books at a local library.

Email me with any questions.
I can also send you a sample copy of out call for submissions, 
though we ourselves are only seeking entries from our local area.

Here is our celebratory song

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