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Bernie pic

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Please help the shouter

The Internet can be a weird place.
I came across a heart-felt plea from someone who said they had learned 7 Shouts and could only use two.
I think my book 7 Shouts is a little odd so I will take the following as a review of 7 Shouts.

"In the beginning of the game i learned whirlwind sprint and unrelenting force, I think i learned this at the college. since then ive learned ice form, frost breath, fire breath, and become etheral...i cannot use any of them. Ive killed plenty of dragons and absorbed their souls. I just dont know or just cant remember what to do to be able to use all the other ones...thank you so much for the help"

I do not know what to say other than to hope someone helps the shouter. What did people with weird fetishes do before the Internet?

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