Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Thursday, 5 January 2012

More Women Needed

We are a long way from our out full list of 75 books by women that every man must read. With our latest inclusion of Tuck Everlasting  by Natalie Babbitt we are only up to 12.
To recap: In May last year Esquire published a list of 75 Books Every Man Should Read. I went through the list in a hurry but I am pretty sure only one was written by a woman, Flannery O'Çonnor and that had "man" in the title, A Good Man Is Hard to Find. 
We need to have 75 books written by women to demand Esquire print the list in May this year.
We still have no noms for  Jane Austen, no Doris Lessingn  no Kate Grenville. Maybe this from V S Naipaul will inspire.
Send in those suggestions.

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