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Bernie pic

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Music man is a nightmare weaver

Our guest blogger is musician, scriptwriter and story author Maurice Hardy. Maurice explains the genesis of his contribution to the Arts Alliance anthology Can you believe it... Take it away Maurice, Cheers, Bernie

I love creating fictional characters, then weaving a story around them.
This usually involves some kind of crisis or traumatic event.  In Thinner Than Water the main characters face a potentially disastrous flood 
situation which rapidly escalates into a life or death struggle. I try to make dialogue and interaction between them interesting and unpredictable, with the differing personalities displaying their strengths, weaknesses, skills and flaws.
My main characters of Thinner Than Water are.

Emma Riley – Self- centred, greedy and manipulative. Has a secret agenda and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Craig Kerren – Hard working, loyal and dependable. Would rather use tact and diplomacy, than straight out confrontation. However there is a limit to his patience.

Georgie Kerren (Craig’s wife) – Athletic, sporty and a straight shooter who says what she thinks. Doesn’t suffer fools easily and can be quick tempered if provoked.

After a  terrifying journey our travellers find a rural community desperately trying to save their town from ever-rising flood waters. It is here  where  Emma’s schemes are revealed.
Trust you enjoy my story, Maurice.

BENT BANANA BOOKS will publish Maurice's story along with its illustration
HERE on Wed morning, Australian time. Rejoin us then.

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  1. Thanks Maurice it's always interesting to hear how other writers work. BTW I enjoyed your story too