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Thursday, 27 December 2018

30 Free Films Noir Emerge from the Dark Past

Welcome to your personal cinema

LET's venture back in time to the suburban cinema of 70 and 80 years ago.
        The seats are long rows of canvas industrially stapled to wooden supports. Your bottom finds the seats comfortable though they are unappealing to your eye.
        The projectionist, perched above in his booth, shines the reels of film onto the screen. For one silver coin, you will be treated to a newsreel of drama and comedy, a serial with a cliff-hanging ending, and two feature films. Black and white films, of course. Both noir.
        In 15 screenings, I will discuss 30 noir films, all in the public domain. All free to view.
JUST because our 30 films are in the public domain does not mean they lack quality. Most are good, some very good. Three of them I regard as among the best 10 noir ever made.
        Most are in the public domain because someone forgot to renew the copyright.
        I will give advance warning of the next double bill so you can invite friends around to watch.
        I will provide interesting background to noir and its practitioners and discuss noir classics which are not in the public domain.
        There will be giveaways, popcorn for the mind, and hopefully contributions from you, the audience.
        The cinema will run on Hollywood time, of course.
        Our first double feature will be 8pm Friday, December 28, 2018.

        The main attraction is 1938’s

The support is 1944’s

See you Friday night.

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