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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Encourage Christina

EVERYONE needs encouragement along the path to accomplishment.
     Christina Debi is a debut author from the Australian seaside suburb of Redcliffe.
     Christina’s novel When Life Walks on Bare Soles is a realistic comedy drama.
Central character Maria has turned 55.

     The blurb introduces the rest of the story.
     “Single-divorced Maria enjoys life with a younger man, mysterious Dirk, and her bestie, zesty office workmate Josephine.
     But Life decides to complicate things. Dirk asks questions about her age. Handsome sensitive IT nerd Dominic wants a relationship. Maria’s boss Ursula bullies her.
     Now Maria has no job, two boyfriends and one testy best friend. Maria must buck up to confront ageism, workplace bullying, faltering friendship and the quest for love.”
     Back to that notion of encouragement for the newbie.
     Customer reviews have been encouraging.
     Julie describes When Life Walks on Bare Soles as a “funny and light-hearted read. “Maria goes on a journey of self-discovery and meets a beautiful love (or two) along the way.
     Kareena says Christina Debbi has written a poignant, funny and entertaining first novel. “This is a highly relatable book about the life challengers of a divorced, middle aged single mother.”
     Joanna Kesteven said,Once I started I wanted to finish reading the book to find out how the issues where all resolved.”
     All in all, some sincere encouragement rewards the new author from Redcliffe. Here is what happened to a fatherless waif who received encouragement.  
     Buy When Life Walks on Bare Soles HERE

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