Vision4 cover
Bent Banana Books is proud to announce the 4th and final eBook in Jane Sharp’s Vision series.
Jane is a rare talent soon to be praised as an exponent of popular literature.
To celebrate Vision IV: The Reluctant Psychic Blooms, Vision I and Vision III are available for 99 cents from November 6 (US time) at 99 cents for a limited time.
Here are the details of the Vision series.
Vision: The Reluctant Psychic introduces police detective Trudy Harper who battles with acceptance of her erratic ability which she knows will be lampooned by her hard-bitten colleagues.
Five graphic and sometimes macabre short stories bring the mundane and the Otherworld together.
Author Jane Sharp brings refreshing realism and splashes of humor to a popular genre.
Meet chilling and heart-warming spirits as Trudy battles for justice in this world and its parallel.
Vision II
Trudy, she’s back.
Reluctant psychic, Detective Trudy Harper, is back with her paranormal “gifts’’ stronger but still beyond her conscious control.
And that could be deadly for the living and undeadly  for troubled spirits.
Vision II: The Reluctant Psychic Returns follows the ghost mystery series debut of suspense stories which gathered reader praise including favorable comparisons with police procedural television shows, The Mentalist and Law & Order.
Viswion III cover
Psychic detective Trudy Harper flees Australia to England after the murder of her police partner.
She has surrendered her badge but she cannot set aside her troublesome psychic gifts.
In more psychic mysteries, Trudy finds anguish, horror and suspense amid scenes of ordinary domesticity.
Trudy is called upon to use her police procedural skills administer justice across two worlds and the “in-between”. Her own romantic happiness, her loved ones and her physical safety are in jeopardy as the psychic detective finds you can fly but you cannot flee your inner world or the supernatural one.
Everybody loves Trudy Harper. Except for the living and the dead who want to kill her.
The Reluctant Psychic Blooms is the final eBook in the popular Vision series starring Jane Sharp’s psychic detective Trudy Harper.
Trudy moves to the country and makes a new friend in female vet Gus who needs help.
Gus’s father Paul is a skeptic and 15 years older than Trudy. But they become a psychic crime fighting duo. And perhaps more?
These tales set in Australia carry the Sharp signature of suspense, the clash of the domestic and the supernatural, and off-beat humor.
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