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Thursday, 2 October 2014

7 Reasons to read 7 Shouts

WE are all sick of reading the same old stuff, week in week out.
I probably only have to give you one good reason to read a good Bent Banana Book, a book which is different. But I am a generous sorta bloke and I will give you 7.

Giveme 5, bro.
No, I’ll giveya 7, cuz.
.Everyone knows 7 is a lucky number.
Well, you know that is not quite true though they tell me 7 is a lucky number in both oriental and Christian religions.
The Hollywood movie 7 was quite good, though it never became clear why it was called 7.
George Costanza said on an episode of Seinfield 7 was a good name for a baby. Jerry ridiculed him but I thought George was on to something.
There is enough evidence that 7 good reasons exist to buy a book called 7 Shouts.
1. 7 Shouts looks at separating history from humbug and urban myths from reality. The weekly My Shout columns are yet to examine 7 but in the twelfth year of my column, I promise to do it soon. Did Persil Benny lend his name to a detergent company? You will never know unless you buy 7 Shouts and that question will plague your mind for the next 7 minutes.
2. 7 Shouts is funny like Seinfeld and unlike the movie 7.The book finds mirth in our everyday life and language. That has to be a good thing.
3. Puritans, the pompous and pretenders will not like 7 Shouts. It is our duty to upset such people every day.
4. Barack Obama is in it as well as Russell Crowe and at least 7 other famous people who have endorsed 7 Shouts by not suing me – yet.
5. There are 7 Books in 7 Shouts. The Books have titles such as Slanguage, Funny Side Up, Her Story and People Power. It is spooky there is no Book 8, as I went to bed after writing Book 7.
6. My good friend, ventriloquist Daniel Anderson did 9 original illustrations for 7 Shouts. If you turn 9 upside down it becomes 6 which is only 1 off 7. Spooky, really.
7. If you do not buy 7 Shouts you will probably give your money to King, Brown, Koontz, Childs, Patterson, Meyer or Evanovich and those 7 have far too much of the stuff as it is.
Read the first 7 pages of 7 Shouts at and then buy it.
Do this quiz to see what you know about weird and wonderful Australia.
Believe it or not, as I post this, 7 people have done the quiz so far.
7 out of 20 is considered a good result.

This one might be a bit cryptic for non-Aussies. It is still hilarious.

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