In Australia
Swimmer and writer pool talents
World champion swimmer  Jessicah  Schipper retires while 7 Shouts author Bernie Dowling soldiers on
Jess still holds Australian 100m and 200m butterfly records; Dowling holds Leadbelly and Billie Holiday shellac records

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Australia’s fastest female butterfly swimmer and Olympic Gold-Medal winner Jessicah Schipper has announced her official retirement.
The 27-year-old competed at three Olympics and was a part of Australia’s gold medal winning relay teams in Athens and Beijing.
Jess is ranked number one on the Australian all-time top-10 for both the 100m and 200m butterfly. She still holds both of the Australian 100m and 200m records.
The unassuming champion wrote the introduction to Bernie Dowling’s 7 shouts, available as an eBook.
Schipper last competed at the London Olympics which Dowling covered on his daily Blog. His London musings will be part of the sequel to 7 Shouts.
Jess Schipper’s career highlights
  • 2004 Olympics: Gold in 4x100m medley relay; 4th in 100m butterfly
  • 2005 World Champs: Gold in 100m butterfly, 1x100m medley relay; silver in 200m butterfly
  • 2007 World Champs: Gold in 200m butterfly, 4x100m medley relay; silver in 100m butterfly
  • 2008 Olympics: Gold in 4x100m medley relay; bronze in 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly
  • 2009 World Champs: Gold in 200m butterfly; silver in 100m butterfly, 4x100m medley relay
Bernie Dowling’s 7 Shouts is a comic cosmic journey from the edge of the city into the heartland of the metropolis passing through the mullet festival, the school fete and the rural show.
7 Shouts is based on 11 years of award-winning Australian newspaper columns. 7 Shouts is a classic contemporary doco of a world gone mad, but still a heap of fun.
Bernie Dowling’s career highlights
  • Inventor of  the Russell Crowe Law of Fame
  • Creator of the Barack Obama scoring system for Australian Slang.
  • Historian recounting how the french poodles Fi Fi and Fa Fa entered the Pine Rivers sheep-dog trials.
  • Matchmaker arranging a date between an impoverished teenager and pop singer Delta Goodrem.
  • Purveyor of unusual photos, weird facts and links to crazy songs.
Sadder news of retirement came from the management of rock band AC/DC. Guitarist Malcolm Young had dementia and can no longer play AccaDacca songs. 
We will play one featured in 7 Shouts 4U, magnificent Mal.