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Bernie pic

Monday, 26 December 2011

Why you won’t be the next Lady Ga Ga, Nicole Kidman, Gerhard Richter, J.K. Rowling. Pt 2

Some jobs just do not receive the remuneration they deserve.
Child care and caring for the disabled are two of the poorest paid careers. Almost as bad as performing, visual arts and writing.
Talented people in these areas are in short supply yet they do not attain the rewards market theory says they should.
People continue to work in these fields because rewards are available other than money. Artists and child care workers are working for the public good and altruism is rewarding.
Creativity has rewards which is why people in well paid day jobs pursue the arts in their leisure time.
It is useless complaining about poor monetary rewards  in the arts.
We should just work hard to improve our art because that is the best way to attract that luck which explodes a career.
It is always sad to see an artist forced to take a job outside their profession but that is life.
Only if you allow yourself to become too tired or two uninspired  will you have to sacrifice the work you truly love.
If you have reached a level of talent in the field of performance, arts or literature, don't give up your night job.

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