Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Serendipity is your friend

Contemporary short-story collection Serendipity is now available world-wide in print and as an eBook.
Serendipity is a collection of contemporary urban short stories from the Writers Anthology Group of authors from the Moreton Bay Region of Australia.
Each short story is illustrated by photographers and other visual artists.

The stories range in style from humor to suspense, drama, mystery, thrillers and mementos.
A buyer of the anthology can apply for free advice on creating your own anthology through a writers’ collective.
The publisher is Bent Banana Books and managing editor Bernie Dowling said it was important for people from all regions of the world to be able to tell their own stories.
“That concept of regional story-telling is surviving quite well in the oral tradition of song but not so well in literature,” Mr Dowling said.
Serendipity is edited by the honorary WAG committee and is sponsored by Pine Rivers real estate agent Peter Campbell and Bent Banana Books.
Serendipity us available in print and as a Kindle book from Amazon
It is an eBook for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac at Apple iTunes  Store
from KOBO and Page Foundry Inktera
as well as Scrib’d

Our song
Not sure why this song popped into mu head. Must be Serendipity. Anyway it is a classic.
For some reason, I cannot upload the vid but that is not stopping is. Click on the link below
Frances Farmer

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