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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Give the Word, the greatest gift of all

TOMORROW, February 14, is International Book Giving Day and there you thought it was St Val’s Day.
Book Giving Day is dedicated to putting new and used books into the hands of as many of the world’s children as possible.
A comprehensive run-down on it, so I do have to re-invent the wheel, or the bookmark is HERE 
I am all for Book Giving Day but we need to expand the age criteria of the beneficiaries. I want out kids to read more but one of the best ways to achieve that is for adults to lead by example. If a child sees an adult they admire engaged in the pursuit of reading, they will be inspired to follow the leader.
So let’s all volunteer to give one book away tomorrow to either a child or an adult. You over-achievers out there are allowed to give more than one book because you are going to do it anyway.
I am giving a inscribed copy of my novel Iraqi Icicle to a colleague who finishes up a six-week contract on Friday. In the topsy-turvy world of modern journalism, six weeks of paid work is better than nothing. But it does not provide much security for a single mum.
She might enjoy my comic neo-noir thriller and will doubtless appreciate the gift.
Romance authors and their readers must already be inspired. Inscribe you book gift and it doubles as a greeting card. Insert a red rose in the middle pages; put a box of chocolates underneath and you have the best Val’s Day pressie ever.
Please make a comment if you are on board with the plan and share what you have in mind.
Now for a little mood music, a wee love song.

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