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Bernie pic

Friday, 28 September 2012

Amazon declares me profane

Amazon thinks we are profane.

They said my profile was unacceptable because it contained a profanity. WTF! I carefully re-read my profile and tried a few changes but the message came back: PROFANE
I deleted the only remaining  thing I could see they might object to. Sure enough, the new version passed muster.

And the deletion: bentbananabooks. That's right, my publishing name.
Do you think I should burn all the books I have published?

Censors, you gotta love ém. What is your favourite censorial comment?

Mine is from an American censor who banned a foreign movie with the comment:

This film is meaningless. If it has any meaning, 
it is, no doubt, objectionable.

All in all, you know what a censor is:


  1. haha that's funny & no, do NOT burn the books you have published. I can't think of any censorship examples right now will let you know if I do

  2. Thanks Jane,
    If I get a few examples, I will do a follow-up. Also might have to re-blog how Bent Banana Books got its name.