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Bernie pic

Friday, 29 June 2012

You see, an Australian, a Kiwi and a Russian want to name this racehorse...

BBB -Bernie’s Best Bet for Australia on June 30, 2012  - was at the Sunshine Coast, in the 3-year-olds Guineas:  Sunshine Coast R 5 H 15 Ametsis.
My international tipping service began as a bit of fun and for me to create a few new Twitter followers. 
One Tweeter offered the opinion that, if you have fewer than 100 followers, you are a stalker. They probably said less than 100 followers; as a general rule, people who insult strangers on the internet do not have advanced grammatical skills.
I rather like the notion of victimless cyberstalking, but I decided I would gather 100 followers without using the unwholesome tactics usually employed, such as following-unfollowing, becoming a Hollywood actor and so on.
So I offered my fun FREE tipping service with odd info and links thrown in.
Meet Ametsis
As I said above, weirdly named Aussie racehorse Ametsis was the tip for June 30.
Ametsis is named after New Zealand  owners Brendan and Jo Lindsay's plastic company and is Sistema spelt backwards.
Now I cannot condone rich people naming racehorses after things they own - businesses, pets, themselves -  unless it has a connection to their horse's breeding.
Because I like those cute Klip It fridge containers Sistema make I thought I would help them out. The real reason, that I have made up, the horse is called Ametsis follows.

The Russian Museum, based in St Petersburg, across that nation, has Virtual Branches information and educational centres with the partnership of Sistema Finance Investments One of these branches is in Kirov. 
Russian conglom - while I am making stuff up, conglom is a more expressive word than conglomerate - Sistema is one of the 10 largest business enterprises in that country.
Australian racehorse Sistema is out of the Zabeel mare Kirov Dancer.
From now on trainer Russel Cameron and owners Brendan and Jo Lindsay can tell owners  Ametsis’s mother’s moniker led them down a serendipitous path to naming the colt after their NZ company.
If you have any tales on racehorse names, please share them either through here, My Twitter a/c or email
As a reward for supporting my fiction about the name, grab a big bowl of popcorn  and a flask of coffee and let's watch the Kirov Ballet perform Swan Lake. It goes for a tick under two hours, apparently, so it will be fun. Enjoy.

Cheers & Happy Punting 

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