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Monday, 26 March 2012

Lucretia Lit: messaging my glitoris.

I am proud to introduce the fearless woman who knows everything about international literature, Lucretia Lit.
Lucretia knows where the bodies are buried and performed the last rights on some. This is Lucretia's first of many spectacular columns.

Messaging my Glitoris
with Lucretia Lit

THE media conference of the two heroes of self publishing, Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler has been aborted. They hired a crane but they still could not get the two egos through the door. ROWWR!

Amanda H, sweetie, are you sure you want to go with those legacy publishers?  From Lucretia’s experience, many of them just want to throw the legacy over. SHAHOOWA!

Edgar Allan, please don’t go out tonight. It’s snowing. Surely there is some booze in the house. But do remember, though the toilet cleaner is green, it is not absinthe. ONTHEPISSAGAIN

J. K. dear, sure you do not want to rethink that contemporary novel  thing. I mean witches’ hats down Revolutionary Road instead of on young  muppets’ heads. You think it will work?  Aunt Lucretia has one word: don’t. WOOSHKA!

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