Bernie pic

Bernie pic

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And the winner is...

AUSTRALIAN woman Deanne Scanlan is the winner if our exclusive Bent Banana Books T-Shirt.

Deanne won the t-shirt as one of the first 15 Likers of the BBB Facebook Page. HERE 
Only two of these exclusive shirts are in circulation. The other one is in Sweden.
Second prizewinner isTony Koch who receives a copy of my book, 7 Shouts. BUY eBook here 

We are hoping the next t-shirt goes to the Americas and the trio will be across the globe. If you know anyone in the Americas, ask them to like BBB Facebook Page. HERE 
These T-shirts are not for sale. They can only be won by supporters of Bent Banana Books. There are two designs, the fetching minimalist one and one for the extroverts among us.

When we have 25 Likers, BBB will send out three prizes. All 25 Likers will be eligible and those odds are pretty good.
One of the prizes will be a t-shirt and the other 2 will be something different.
Like BBB Facebook Page. HERE 


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