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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Curation schmuration, sup?

I am getting in early to discuss the internet buzz word curation before you are sick of reading about it and flick the X button.
I am on about the concept of curation as it applies to eBooks and and eMedia.
If you have a different take on curation, feel free to share.
I will talk about eMedia but the analogy with eBooks is clear.
The theory behind the selling of media and indeed almost  all capitalist commerce is the notion of scarcity.
People are eager to buy goods and services because they are scarce.
But media and books as internet products are in plentiful supply . Consumers would need several lifetimes to inspect every available item. In these circumstances  how do consumers make a choice? One significant way is they turn to a curator.
The metaphor alludes to an art exhibition curator who selects which product the public will see. The curator sometimes explains their choice and at other times presumes credibility in the eyes of the public.
Here is another explanation
The main two ways consumers view news on the net is through aggregators and email alerts.
These are both methods of curation where headlines and the first par of a story is selected FOR YOU and presented for your inspection.
The aggregators often make their curation choice based on unsophisticated surveys of your reading interests while the email alerts from newspapers recommend stories based on news-value judgements of journalists.
Based on an inspection of the headline and first paragraph, you make a decision whether to consume the full story.
A curator builds credibility every time a reader is satisfied with a story they have opened.
Let's move on to eBooks
Both the writer and reader of eBooks need to find reliable curators to guide them across libraries bulging with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of titles.
The opponents of eBooks say this is why standards are threatened as quality gets lost in the clutter.
Proponents of eBooks - and I am one - say let's join the wild ride to see how curation evolves.
What do you think. Has curation any relevance to you?

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